Let's Dance with DJ Angelo Pepe!

Club & Radio DJ, Producer, A&R

Angelo and I worked together at Peace Biscuit, an artist management company in Brooklyn. He was and still is so great at his job! We sat back to back. If I got flustered with a pushy promoter, I would hear his chair turn around, I’d see those Greek eyebrows raise and he'd just put his hand out to take the phone. When I’d get stressed he’d blast music and start dancing. I would be in HYSTERICS! I begged him to start a YouTube channel!

Angelo is one of the KINDEST people I've ever met. Years after we stopped working together I got breast cancer.  The day after my surgery, out of nowhere, Angelo walked into my hospital room with his big smile, big tattoos, his mohawk and a big bouquet of flowers. I immediately burst into tears. Always the protector, he appeared out of thin air to give me a hug. It was just what I needed. I only cried a 2 times before. His presence made me feel safe and let me relax. I really needed that. Crying is healing!

In the spirit of giving, thoughtfulness and good vibes Angelo create a playlist specifically for our Global Soul 3TG community. He loves to dance and hopes to get you off your feet!

So push the furniture back, or sit down with a glass of wine or a hot cup of tea. Be transported to the NYC nightlife or maybe a club in Ibiza.

Click below!

It's time to dance! 

Enjoy Life Rips (Vol 1)