Stay Focused

May 2nd 2016 I quit my job.  Two weeks later they found the lumps, then Cancer, then a mastectomy. I wasn't working, the medical bills and Cobra payments burned through my savings, I was trying to interview between doctors' appointments, I was embarrassed to be unemployed, at times I felt worthless, a family member had Alzheimer's and in the madness, I was able to find peace.

Quitting my job allowed my mind, body, and spirit to heal. My friends SHOWERED me with love and showed me the support I never knew I had. I ended up with my dream job in Entertainment offering a work/life balance. I attended an Alzheimer's seminar that calmed some of my fears. I was gently reminded that each stage of this disease may require a new communication approach. I compared it to meeting a new student and trying to figure out what works best for THEM, not ME.

When things get rough, take a deep breath and take the time to get a new perspective. #yougotthis #stayfocused #believeinyourself #trustyourinstincts