Erin's Story

From as far back as I can remember I’ve was immersed in a world of giving, sharing and community. My Dad was a doctor and my Mom a teacher. They were both well-traveled, and during one of those travels during a Summer Service trip in Dembi Dolo, Ethiopia, they picked up a special gift. ME!!!!

It was the 1970s so we were a bit of a novelty family, but I never felt out of place. I felt loved, supported and confident. My parents taught me the importance of being kind and taking care of your community. This shaped my way of thinking about the world, and my connection to others.


In the spring of 2016, I quit my job, unhappy with how things were going.

I had enough savings to cover my bills for at least 9 months comfortably, or on ramen noodle budget, I could probably stretch to a year, giving me the freedom to find the right career fit. 

I figured since I had at least a month of insurance coverage, I’d get all my doctor appointments before the end of the month when my insurance ran out. After seeing my Gynecologist, she asked when I last had a mammogram. I thought about it… It had been a few years, but so what, I’m a 32A. In any case, I went to check it off the list.


Turned out I had breast cancer!

In the months ahead, I burned through all my savings, had to begin a job search and interviewing. I found out a close family member was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and had a mastectomy.

All this and it was only May!

Having grown up with doctors in my family, I immediately trusted the process. I trusted the doctors would do their best and trusted in the process and to stay calm.

Erin's bio imageI’m naturally a positive person and tend to find humor in EVERYTHING, especially my own naiveté. Like the time my doctor called me into her office to tell me she saw several lumps and did I have someone I could bring to the biopsy appointment.

My response: No, I’m good! I live close! I’m local. I’ll be fine.” It didn’t hit me until we were getting ready to have the needle biopsy that I said to myself “OHHHHHHH. THISSSS is why…. Ok.” I couldn’t help but laugh. I thought it was hilarious!

What helped me get through this process, was sharing my story. I hoped by sharing I would help other women who were maybe afraid, to go get checked. I had a great attitude and was thrilled I could help others. NOT focusing on me made me a more productive person.

I felt empowered. I never had a moment of pity. Not once! I still found joy and humor in MANY things. I still loved to laugh, like the time I dropped the phone on my chest and saw stars.

The act of sharing - something that is thoughtful, encouraging, joyous and uplifting - does make a difference. A strong and positive mindset is key to recovery outcomes and was for me!

I’d always thought a lot about conscious giving. I wanted to find a way to share what I’d learned on my own cancer journey, as well as give back. I believe in being of service to both our local and global communities. Now more than ever we can find ways to unite. To support one another, and strengthen our sense of global responsibility. We can help those close to us, as well as support our economically disadvantaged neighbors. 

My vision is to unite people through an act of kindness. My mission for 3 Tier Giving is for cancer patients and survivors to feel nurtured, feel great about their purchase, and feel they can make a difference. Even at their lowest point.



Giving 10% towards the low income cancer patients. 

Giving support to Global Fair-Trade Artisans.

Giving Support to Women founded and run businesses.


I’m creating a place where our community can shop for the products I curated for myself. Products that helped during the transition from diagnosis through recovery.

Lets redefine the cancer care gift giving experience.

Let’s mix it up!

Sending you the BIGGEST HUG!